The 40 bar oil free PET compressor Accessories


Standard (horizontal on the base-frame or vertical ) the HP- 40 bar air receiver is hot galvanised with accessories, including safety valve and Bekomat drain system. Depending on the location and country, the air receivers have to comply with the local codes and certifcations. All Codes and certifcations are available : CE-PED, ASME VIII, CRN for Canadia , TR CU suiting to Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, SELO code in China, South Korea 40 bar certifcation.

HP – 40 bar piping and accessories

S40 bar piping between the compressor, HP air receiver and the HP dryer fanges, supports, safety warrant and mounting accessories, shut off gates /40 bar stop valve is included in standard.
Also available :
– accessories for specifc HP connection installation before the dryer

Filtration: Active Carbon, submicronic, particles...

40 bar active carbon filter with stainless steel body for fitting after the dryer. It is mounted on the dryer’s counter flange. It Provides extreme filtration, at a submicronic level and smell removal.

40 bar air receiver : 2000 L 5000L, 10.000L, hot galvanised with accessories, including safety valve and Bekomat drain system. It is supplied loose.

40 bar non return valve, stainless steel. To be installed after the HP dryer outlet when several compressors are installed in parallel on the same 40 bar network.

Pressure reducers

40/7 bar pressure reducers are available as optional item 40/7 bar, they are supplied loose and to be installed after the dryer. -3/4’’ : 566 Nm³/h, 2’’ : 1020 Nm³/h. An additional 7 bar vertical air receiver – 300 l is available with accessories, manometer…stop valve and flexible rubber hose, it is also supplied loose.

HP- 40 bar air Dryer options

Stainless steel condenser, dew point alarm, Bekomat draining system. Water cooled condenser is recommended for ambient temperatures above 40°C Oversized water cooled condenser when anti-freeze glycol is present in the water circuit.

...more accessories