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Sale and Service of Ateliers Francois S.A. High and Low Pressure Air Compressors.

We are authorised representatives of Ateliers Francois S.A of Belgium in the supply of high pressure and low pressure oil free compressors. we offers the best compressed air solution for the PET industry with our 40 bar and 15 bar range compressors. we also prove servie and matainance for these equipment.

Spare Parts

We stock parts readily available for sale at the lowest costs and highest efficiency to reduce customer downtime.
We work with an impressive list of customers in our region to minimize their machine downtime by providing fast and efficient spare parts delivery with our trained team of Service Engineers providing after sales technical support services.

New Intallations, Upgrades and training

We deliver solutions to every customer for the purchase of new equipment, spare parts, maintenance and energy saving upgrades to existing units. through our trained team of Service Engineers. including training session for customer’s personnel and/or operators.

Preventative maintanance program

Our prevenative maintannce program provides a robust maintance scheme that ensure peak performance, minimal down time and full support from our engineers.